Monday, June 13, 2011

I Danced with Him

I always dance with Jesus

In my imagination....

A lady at church said to me a few months ago "Are you a dancer? I 

really see you as a dancer!?  And I laughed and said "is it 

because I always stand like this" I laughed as I Looked down at my 

legs which are guaranteed

to be crossed anytime I am standing.

I thought.

I don't dance....Only in my imagination, and I really love dancing!

When I was born my feet and legs/hips were twisted, 

I was in cast from 2 month till I was 2 

years old.

 I grew up with no memories of this, and although I knew the was really just a "nothing issue" I mean really what 

does it matter? 

 as it turns out

They were wrong when They told my mother I'd never walk anyways!.

though secretly I wonder if my mom just said that to make me feel

good about myself

While I was praying one day God was telling me what He liked about 


and He said "I love it when you dance with me"

And I laughed, 

I remembered the lady saying that, and Him and I both Know that I 

really do dance with Him all the time.

...Thats Nice I thought, how nice...

Im not very close to my family and I don't get to see them as 

often as Id like. The last time my mom came to my place was about 6

years ago, due to health reasons.

Besides the fact that they live 8 hours away...they just cant drive that far....until the other night 

when I get a phone call..they will be here in 1/2 hour 


They could only stay a few hours, 

and maybe it was me...

but I believe I felt a nudge to ask about my legs.

As she told me...again 

about being in casts, 

the Dr appointments...

She says "and at 2 yrs old Dr.Brook took off your casts, looked at 

me and said, 'she'll never really walk' my mom promised him I 


She looks at me and said 

"And do you KNOW how I taught you to walk?.....

I danced with you"

And when she said that I remembered dancing on her feet...

And God whispered to me

"I love it when you dance with me"

And I knew then that I had danced with Jesus.


  1. Oh Laura, that is sooooo precious! Love, love, love you sharing.

    Praying for you and praising God for His healing and His wonderful divine dance!

    Love and BIG hugs,

  2. Thank You Lisa, I haven't written anything is so long.
    Im excited to explore this chapter with God :)

    Love you sweet one
    Hugs& Love

  3. Hi there, Thanks for visiting and following me on my blog. I have added myself as a follower of your blog. I love this post about dancing with Jesus. What an awesome testimony - I look forward to more postings.
    God bless

  4. That is absolutely beautiful! I am so glad that you stopped by my blog so that I could find yours today and read your journey with Him. Sending you much love and am inspired to dance with my Jesus today too. Thank you. Much love xxx Janine

  5. Thank You ladies for taking the time to read my blog.
    I was inspired by BOTH of your blogs.
    Im excited to follow you guys.

    Janine, I especially love that you are in africa! I haven't got to visit there yet...But my heart has!!!


  6. Such a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing with us.

    Blessings in Him

  7. What a beautiful post. I love the idea of dancing with Jesus. I love to watch dancing shows but am so uncordinated and would never step foot on a dance floor. Yet in my imagination I do dance, but have never done so with Jesus. This was so precious.

  8. This is such a beautiful post - it brought tears to my eyes! ...And in my imagination, I also dance with Him in worship at church, but at home sometimes I dance while no one is watching but Him!

  9. That beautiful to dance with Jesus!
    I am imagining the scene, wonderful!
    Then you are a miracle of the hands of God, alleluia!
    This same dance always, dance much, Jesus deserves.
    I also like very much to dance with him.
    For him all the glory and the honor of his life! His posting inspired me very much.
    God bless you continue dancing with him!
    Hugs and peace in Jesus!

  10. Awe, Thank you guys so very much! I love dancing with Jesus...I really should do it more often :)