Monday, June 13, 2011

I Danced with Him

I always dance with Jesus

In my imagination....

A lady at church said to me a few months ago "Are you a dancer? I 

really see you as a dancer!?  And I laughed and said "is it 

because I always stand like this" I laughed as I Looked down at my 

legs which are guaranteed

to be crossed anytime I am standing.

I thought.

I don't dance....Only in my imagination, and I really love dancing!

When I was born my feet and legs/hips were twisted, 

I was in cast from 2 month till I was 2 

years old.

 I grew up with no memories of this, and although I knew the was really just a "nothing issue" I mean really what 

does it matter? 

 as it turns out

They were wrong when They told my mother I'd never walk anyways!.

though secretly I wonder if my mom just said that to make me feel

good about myself

While I was praying one day God was telling me what He liked about 


and He said "I love it when you dance with me"

And I laughed, 

I remembered the lady saying that, and Him and I both Know that I 

really do dance with Him all the time.

...Thats Nice I thought, how nice...

Im not very close to my family and I don't get to see them as 

often as Id like. The last time my mom came to my place was about 6

years ago, due to health reasons.

Besides the fact that they live 8 hours away...they just cant drive that far....until the other night 

when I get a phone call..they will be here in 1/2 hour 


They could only stay a few hours, 

and maybe it was me...

but I believe I felt a nudge to ask about my legs.

As she told me...again 

about being in casts, 

the Dr appointments...

She says "and at 2 yrs old Dr.Brook took off your casts, looked at 

me and said, 'she'll never really walk' my mom promised him I 


She looks at me and said 

"And do you KNOW how I taught you to walk?.....

I danced with you"

And when she said that I remembered dancing on her feet...

And God whispered to me

"I love it when you dance with me"

And I knew then that I had danced with Jesus.